News Trip {Quarantine Homeschooling through the eyes of 3rd grade triplets}

by Kristal Hollingsworth

When the decision was made that public school would not resume this semester, I had to navigate how that would look for our family. Like most everyone, we are balancing work, school & all that's in between. I decided to tackle this with what I do best. Create. We decided to turn our teaching time into a tangible "newspaper". Our goal is to share a little joy with our friends and maybe inspire other mommas (or dads!) with some quarantine school ideas. Enjoy!




Pro Tip: the party section of your store will have fun inexpensive activity ideas- these dinosaur 3-D puzzles came 3 to a pack for under $2


They designed their own workouts for "P.E." based on their topic for this week. 

We focused on finding "JOY" in something every day.  Remember the little ones are watching you and how you handle this season.  Do what you can with what you have.  You got this MOMMA!

{Illustrated by Ryder}